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Tempo High Speed Planter


A New Level of Speed and Precision

Until now, planters have offered either speed or precision – but not both. All that changes with Tempo High Speed Planter. Designed in 6 row, 8 row and 12 row options, this soybean and corn planter works at up to 10.5 miles per hour in almost all field conditions, helping you cover more ground when time is at a premium. In fact, it set the world record for speed in 2014, planting 750 acres within a 24-hour period.

With years of proven performance in fields just like yours, the Tempo row planter is an evolution of speed and precision. The robust, high speed soybean and corn planter allows you to cover more ground, faster – without sacrificing accuracy. The result is crops that mature more evenly and yield to their full potential.

Seed Hawk Name Changes to Vaderstad Industries Inc.

October 31, 2017

Seed Hawk Inc. is pleased to announce that the company will officially be renamed Vaderstad Industries Inc. on October 31, 2017. The name change reflects the fuller integration of the Seed Hawk brand …



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