Our unique positive air pressure system uses air flow to deliver the seed through the electric-drive seed meter to the ground. This takes gravity out of the equation, ensuring accuracy at higher speeds and in virtually all field conditions.

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Agronomic Benefits

Improved accuracy produces better crops and higher yield.

  • Better seed control.
    Seeds shoot down a drop tube at 49.2 feet per second, taking gravity out of the equation and ensuring precise seed placement at higher speeds and in almost all field conditions. This is a big improvement over vacuum seeders, where seed placement is left to chance.
  • Improved seed spacing (singulation).
    The Tempo High Speed Planter frame absorbs more vibration from higher speeds and rough field conditions than typical planters, so the motion is not transferred to the seed meter. This is a significant improvement over planters with limited vibrational control, where shaking tends to cause seed to fall off of the disc, resulting in poor singulation (skips and doubles).



Operating Efficiencies

Efficient, robust equipment cuts operating costs:

  • Reduced sensitivity to seed size means fewer adjustments to make when changing varieties.
  • Less hydraulic flow and horsepower requirements make operation of the Tempo Planter more fuel-efficient.
  • Reduced friction on the meter means less wear and maintenance and fewer parts to replace.



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