Every component of the Tempo High Speed Planter row unit is built to handle higher speeds with exceptional precision and seed-to-soil contact. The robust design makes it a durable, versatile and easy-to-maintain soybean and corn planter.


Tempo Row Unit Design Features

  1. Fertilizer Coulter – Prevents the Tempo Planter from throwing soil at high speed.
  2. Torsion Spring – Controls additional weight distribution for a total downward force of up to 715 pounds.
  3. Row Cleaners – Allow the Tempo soybean and corn planter to work in reduced or zero tillage.
  4. Trailing Gauge Wheel – Pulling action results in smoother operation, reducing vibration at higher speeds.
  5. Stop Wheel – Catches the seed exiting the seed tube and places pressure on the seed, ensuring optimal seed-to-soil contact and rapid, even germination.
  6. Closing Wheel – Closes the seed furrow, preserves moisture and ensures good seed-to-soil contact.

Reliable and Easy

The unique design of the Tempo makes it a robust and easy to maintain corn planter. All joints in the row units have easily exchangeable axles and bushings. In addition, the same type of grease-free bushing is used in every joint in the row unit, and the same bearing is used in the stop wheel, closing wheels and gauge wheels. With a minimal number of wear parts, the Tempo Planter will give you years of reliable service.


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