Even at 10.5 miles per hour, the unique row unit design assures precise placement of every seed. It also virtually eliminates skips and doubles, to give you even maturation and optimal yield.


How the Tempo Row Unit Works

  1. The seed enters the electric-drive seed meter from the seed hopper. The hopper holds 1.98 bu – enough to plant approximately 50 acres without refilling.
  2. Positive air pressure in the meter keeps the seed on the disc as it rotates toward the tube.
  3. Three singulators remove extra seeds.
  4. The metal flap prevents extra seed from falling into the seed tube.
  5. The wheel blocks airflow in the disc and shoots the seed down the seed tube.
  6. The seed disc is cleaned of any debris by a knockout wheel.
  7. A sensor detects the distance between seeds, sending the information to the Wireless E-Control iPad monitor.
  8. PowerShoot™ delivers the seed down the tube and into the seedbed at high speed, taking gravity out of the equation and ensuring precise placement.
  9. The stop wheel stops the seed as it exits the seed tube and presses it into the soil, preventing bouncing and ensuring optimal seed-to-soil contact.

A Self-Sufficient Planter

Each seed meter is driven by a small electric motor installed on each row unit on the planter. Power for the motors comes from an integrated hydraulic fan and alternator, making the machine self-sufficient.


World-Record Speed

In April 2014, a Tempo High Speed Planter was used to plant 756 acres of sunflower in a 24-hour race. The Tempo planted the field at an average speed of 11.8 mph. Despite the high speed, measurements of emergence indicated almost perfect seed placement across the entire field.

Proven Accuracy

Precision is presented as a coefficient of variation (CV). The lower the CV value, the more precisely the seed is placed. The value obtained for the 24-hour race was 18.5 percent as compared to an average of 44 percent for less precise planters in the United States.

Here are the CV results from a Tempo corn trial planting in North America:

CV Results for Tempo
Coefficient of Variation  17.3
Number of Measurements  99.0
Average Plant Distance  17.3
Standard Deviation  3.0
% of Doubles  0.0
% of Skips  1.0
Planting Accuracy, %  99.0
Row Distance   76.2
Planting Density (Plants/ha)  75,756.0
CV Scale
20 – 30 Very good
30 – 35 Good
35 – 40 Acceptable
40 – 50 Poor
50 – Very Poor

Woodstock, ON, Canada corn plot, planted May 12, 2014 at over 10.5 mph.


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