The Tempo High Speed Planter features an optional wireless control monitor. The system is an iPad-based solution that allows you to control your planter remotely and efficiently.

The standard Tempo comes with a Settings and Calibration Monitor, which can be upgraded to either the E-Control or an ISOBUS connection directly to the tractor. Both types of monitors gather information about your seed directly from the seed meter.


Wireless Data Center

Tempo Planter seed meters are equipped with a seed sensor. This sensor provides important data about each seed that travels through the machine, including seed quality, skips, doubles, distance and rate.


Wireless Calibration

If you’re using E-Control, the data from the sensor is sent via Wi-Fi to an iPad, giving you a comprehensive overview of the functioning of the seed meter and row units. It also gives you the ability to set up and calibrate the system without leaving the tractor cab. You can also carry out many other tasks, such as shutting off individual rows, adjusting seeding rate and within-row seed spacing, shutting off fertilizer flow, adjusting fertilizer rate and more.


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