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February 6, 2018

Vaderstad Industries Support Fire Relief Efforts

When you are part of an industry that is primarily based in rural areas with small towns, you quickly develop a sense of community. A large part of this mentality is coming together to provide help to those in need.

In October 2017, east central Alberta was hit by a wildfire fueled by dry, windy conditions which persisted throughout the summer and fall. The fire destroyed several farms and forced residents of several villages to evacuate. Even though the fire was extinguished relatively quickly, due to the heroic efforts of local fire departments, the devastation in the area was widespread.

In the aftermath of the fires, residents discussed ways in which to help those affected by the disaster. On January 20th, a fundraiser was held in Acadia Valley featuring a dance with a live DJ plus various live and silent auction items to raise much needed funds. As a company based in a small town, and with many of our employees having rural backgrounds, Vaderstad Industries knows the importance of pulling together to help neighbours during hard times.

Product Manager, Ryan Davis, whose territory encompasses the area affected, worked with local crop inputs retailer R.A. West to contribute to the auction. A package consisting of an eighty-acre rental of the Vaderstad Tempo V12 planter and tractor, along with a tote of Alpine starter fertilizer netted a $4,000 winning bid.

The fundraiser went on to raise over $150,000; an extraordinary amount considering the village of Acadia Valley has 140 residents and the local municipality has 493 residents. Funds will now be allocated based on individual losses by families. It is a testament to the generosity of citizens and local area businesses, of which Vaderstad Industries was proud to take part.

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